Ward 7 Spring Cleaning

Trash Pickup Ward 7This weekend I participated in a trash clean up along Berkshire by Stine.

Water LeakSaw we had a leaky irrigation line in a city green belt area off of McKee Road. It was turned in to the Parks & Rec dept. for repair.  Looks like we might have another dry winter, so please try and conserve our precious water resources!

IMG_0074This graffiti was on a liquor licensed property. I talked to the manager and he stated that he would try and have it removed. If it’s not taken care of in a timely manner, CA-ABC will be ask to send a demand letter for its removal. If you see graffiti or another city problem, use the City Source App to report it for a quick correction.


While checking out the ward, I saw these dumped couches and reported them for city removal.