Ward 7 News

Hazardous Property

Code Enforcement COMPLAINT LINE: ( 661) 326-3712 I was alerted to a hazard in our community.  A vacant residence located within Ward 7, which had numerous broken windows, kicked in doors and a large amount of trash around it. I personally went to the property, and subsequently spoke to the owner. […]

Bakersfield Safe Streets: East Planz

As the Chair of the Bakersfield Safe Neighborhoods & Community Relations Committee, Councilman Chris Parlier said it was great to interact with the wonderful residents of the East Planz community during tonight’s Safe Streets event.  Police Officers were there connecting with both kids and adults, by making those personal contacts. […]

BPD Rescues Teenage Girl From Sexual Traffickers

BPD Rescues Teenage Girl From Sexual Traffickers Our local police officers deserve significant kudos after rescuing a Fresno teenage girl from sexual traffickers at a local motel.  Stopping human trafficking has also been an important issue to me and since being elected and I have been receiving ongoing updates from […]

Memorial Day Ceremony

It was an honor to attend the Kern County, Memorial Day ceremony today. It was a time to reflect and remember those brave military heroes, that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.  Local surviving military family members, veterans and numerous elected officials were in attendance.  There was a […]