Public & Private Partnerships Helping People in Ward 7

A retired gentleman contacted me on Thursday and he was very upset about a city code enforcement, notice of violation (NOV) he received regarding his yard.  I told him I would drop by his home and check out his situation after a Kern Economic Development Corporation meeting I was attending. Well, upon arrival I saw his yard did have a bit of an issue, so the NOV issuance was justified. However, while talking to him I learned that with age and health issues, along with a limited income, it was just too difficult to get his yard in decent shape.
I asked him if he would be open to volunteer and city services for some help and he said yes.
This got the ball rolling. I reached out to Pastor Tom at Valley Bible Fellowship (VBF) and he was onboard!  Soon a VBF adopt-a-block crew was assigned for this Saturday.  The city Solid Waste Department said they would help out too and sent out trash truck driver Robert who was already scheduled to do some area trash pick-ups.  Robert brought credit to every city worker because he was just amazing.
I also called Cindy London who is the supervisor for BPD’s Community Relations Unit. She had one of her police community relations specialist check-in with the resident too. They provided him with essential support information, county services, along with helping on some phone issues he had too. But that’s not all. As it turns out his next door neighbor had some yard problems also and they received an NOV. The problem was, this resident had a disability and couldn’t accomplish his yard clean-up either.
However, thanks to the hard work of the VBF adopt-a-block crew both yards were mowed, trees trimmed, along with bulk trash and debris being carried off for immediate disposal thanks again to Robert. I would like to thank everyone involved, for not only their hard work and dedication to the residents of this wonderful city, but also recognizing the effect they made on the life of neighboring families that just needed a little help. I’ve attached some before and after photos of both yards. The gentleman in the white t-shirt is Mr. Felice, who’s 82 years old and the father of a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel combat pilot that lives in Colorado.