In this short note I will be focusing on two key themes that are essential in regard to creating better awareness of the kind of work you are endeavouring to put out on your Instagram platform. One of the benchmarks used by many Instagram subscribers and activists is the number of likes they have managed to accumulate during any given day or week of Instagram activities. But the work never appears to be so cut and dried.

No matter how hard you try, you do not always get an overwhelmingly positive response to your latest surge of posting work. Without pushing your buttons, perhaps you have been trying too hard. I for one, no longer believe in the hard work ethic and sometimes, even still to this day, I fall for the trick. Let me just say this once more, the clever Dick achieves a lot more than most of us because he is not working as hard as we all seem to be. No, he is working alright, but he is working smarter.

That is the trick, and to my mind, he is utilizing the above two themes of persuasiveness and creativity to get the most out of his posts and through experience, he now knows how to get more likes on Instagram as and when the desire or requirement arises. For now, though, I will do my best to pinpoint a few examples of how this persuasiveness and creativity comes about on the Instagram platform and how such tones are integrated.

You start by working towards developing your own unique Instagram style. You work the field to see what others are thinking or talking about. And pretty much every single post that you create should have at its crux a commanding call to action. Finally, when push comes to shove, or when harsh market realities afflict your performance and scheduling plans, you could just buy your followers. I see this as nothing more as a stop-gap measure to tie you over when market forces influence followers, real or organic followers, to fall off your platform and go elsewhere.

Just note that no follower needs to actively disengage himself from your platform. After an extensive period of inactivity, he will simply wither off, like a dry leaf falling off a tree during the autumn months. Your own unique style is important because this helps to elevate you to some form of prominence amongst the active Instagram visitors who might just cross your path. And as followers, it is quite easy to latch on because you are immediately recognizable to them. A Places tab on Instagram allows you to zero in on pretty much any area and target market you have in mind.

The search for future organic followers is no longer a long-winded and laborious task. Once you have commenced engaging with your future followers it is over to you to exercise your best and most positive and commanding voice yet. But go gently with them. You would not want to chase them away.