Hazardous Property

Code Enforcement COMPLAINT LINE: ( 661) 326-3712

I was alerted to a hazard in our community.  A vacant residence located within Ward 7, which had numerous broken windows, kicked in doors and a large amount of trash around it. I personally went to the property, and subsequently spoke to the owner. I met with his maintenance person to discuss my concerns. I was assured that the property would be cleaned up and secured this weekend. I also referred the matter to code enforcement for re-inspection next week, to ensure that is within compliance of city Building and Safety codes.  Remember if you see anything that requires attention like this, please let me know and I’ll take care of it. I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe weekend! Keep Bakersfield Beautiful!



Code enforcement takes property maintenance, housing, zoning, and junk and/or abandoned vehicle complaints for properties that are within the City. We do not have jurisdiction over properties that would be considered County, except for weed and vegetation complaints for those properties that the Bakersfield Fire Department would have first response to.
Code Enforcement COMPLAINT LINE: ( 661) 326-3712

Illegal Dumping
According to Municipal Code 8.32.090: “It is unlawful for any person or persons to place, deposit or dump, or cause to be placed, deposited or dumped upon any right-of-way, street or thoroughfare, or upon any public or private property, or on any premises, or in any refuse container, without the permission of the owner thereof, of refuse, garbage, junk, brush, weeds, cans, bottles, rubbish, or other offensive, unsightly, putrescible or decaying matter of any kind whatsoever.” (Ord. 3605 § 1 (part), 1994).

Contractors may contact Kim Dickson at (661) 326-3712 for general questions and information.

Waste Tire Enforcement Program
In 1990, the California Legislature enacted comprehensive requirements for the storage and disposal of waste tires. These requirements were intended to address potential fire and health risks posed by the growing number of tire piles in California. As a result of these statutes, the Integrated Waste Management Board (IWMB) adopted regulations for the permitting of waste tire facilities. Learn more.

Safety Hazard!

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