I am lucky with my Instagram work because I do have that gift of creativity. And especially if the subject material is really interesting, I do enjoy the necessary research work that goes into creating captivating content that is going to get my visitors and followers to sit up and take note. But if I do have one downfall or negative trait in regard to successful Instagram marketing and promotions work, it is this.

I do tend to lag behind others in terms of my networking requirements. Because let it be known to you that unless you are by nature the social butterfly, networking within social media circles can be a hard grind. You have got to love talking, lots. But fortunately, I do have that other essential ingredient that gets me to complete my tasks successfully. It is called discipline. And I like the implication that goes with research and development work.

It is called due diligence. And I am able to integrate this R & D with my need to network. To my mind, this is part and parcel of the process that is successful in showing you how to get real followers on Instagram. I want engagement on my platform. I do not want false and flaky comments. I do appreciate a little critical honesty. At least then I will know where I stand with my ‘real’ followers. So, bear these next three tasks in mind in putting your best foot forward in terms of being creative, doing your research and networking is concerned.

Part of the creative vigor has to do with continuing to develop your own unique Instagram style. Networking work is a lot less laborious and much more rewarding when you focus on going local. And you need to be both positive and persuasive in order to convince your target markets and followers accordingly. As an Instagram influencer, you are always in the habit of making the call to action.

When you are able to create a unique style on the Instagram platform, you will be moving in the direction of getting yourself to stand head and shoulders above your rivals, if not that, then at least level-pegging in the sense that they have now got to watch their backs. Both they and their followers should start taking you seriously and you had best be prepared to take in their counters. This is the nature of marketing and promoting on an Instagram platform.

It is a highly competitive order of events that follow your creative and inspirational spurts. Going local as far as networking is concerned is just too easy. There can be no excuse for not touching home base. All you have to do is start with Instagram’s Search page and then select its Places tab. Of course, you will also need to be selective where theme or subject matter is concerned. After you have correctly made your appropriate selections, you will be faced with a long string of relevant or related posts.