Public Safety

Bakersfield Fireworks Restriction debate continues

Plenty of conversation today regarding potential fireworks restrictions, along with spade and neutering policies, during the City Council legislative & litigation committee meeting. The fireworks issue was continued until next month committee meeting due to the lengthy staff presentations, public discussion and council member statements and recommendations. Bakersfield Californian Article […]

BPD Rescues Teenage Girl From Sexual Traffickers

BPD Rescues Teenage Girl From Sexual Traffickers Our local police officers deserve significant kudos after rescuing a Fresno teenage girl from sexual traffickers at a local motel.  Stopping human trafficking has also been an important issue to me and since being elected and I have been receiving ongoing updates from […]

Bakersfield Police to re-open Southside Police Substation

Upon being elected to the Bakersfield city council, it was one of Chris’ priorities to add additional police resources to the southern areas of Ward 7, particularly within the recently formed police “Valley” patrol zone. He is very pleased that the Bakersfield Police Department will now be re-opening the Southside […]

Bakersfield City Council Member Chris Parlier is pushing to ban the sale of Spice or Bath Salts in the city of Bakersfield.

Chris Parlier “No Spice, No Bath Salts in Bakersfield” just posted an informative story on my efforts to prohibit the sale of synthetic drugs such as “Spice” in the city of Bakersfield. Here is an excerpt of the story: The Legislation and Litigation committee wants to see if there can be any local rules to crack down on […]