Ban Bath Salts in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, CA – A Bakersfield city councilman is hoping to follow in Taft’s footsteps by establishing a citywide ban on the use of the designer synthetic drugs bath salts and Spice.
At the city council meeting on March 4, Councilman Chris Parlier asked the legislative and litigation committee to consider crafting a new ordinance prohibiting the sale of both drugs in Bakersfield.
Bath salts are a synthetic stimulant sometimes sold in convenience shops with the warning “not for human consumption,” but when taken can have similar affects to amphetamines or cocaine.
Spice is a form of synthetic marijuana, marketed as a “safe,” legal alternative to the drug.
In addition to Taft’s passage of a similar ordinance last month, Parlier cited a ride-along he took with the Bakersfield police department as inspiration for the idea.
During that ride, he encountered a person under the influence of bath salts.






Video of the story.