Bakersfield Safe Streets: East Planz

As the Chair of the Bakersfield Safe Neighborhoods & Community Relations Committee, Councilman Chris Parlier said it was great to interact with the wonderful residents of the East Planz community during tonight’s Safe Streets event.  Police Officers were there connecting with both kids and adults, by making those personal contacts. They grilled hotdogs and gave out drinks and chips to plenty of smiling faces.

Mayor Harvey Hall was also in attendance signifying his motto “Unity in the Community.”

Community leaders with Garden Pathways, Community Action Partnership of Kern and local church representatives were on hand to help knock on doors to get people out to enjoy the event and pass out kid game prizes.

During Councilman Parlier’s statements to the community, he said; “This event isn’t about taking back your neighborhood it’s already yours. It’s about about being part of your neighborhood. Because when good people get involved, good things happen.”

During his resident walk, Councilman Parlier also noticed two abandon and opened homes, that can be used for criminal activities, along with some area graffiti. He immediately referred those blight items to Code Enforcement and the Graffiti Crew for securing and removal.