Bakersfield Bath Salts and Spice update

During today’s Bakersfield City, Legislative and Litigation Committee meeting, Bakersfield City Council member Chris Parlier made motion for the City Attorney to draft a proposed ordinance prohibiting Bath Salts and Spice.  It was seconded by the Committee Chairman, Council member Terry Maxwell and supported by Council member Jacquie Sullivan.  The proposed ordinance will come back to the committee for review and discussion, before it receives a final vote for submission to the full city council for a first reading.
Bakersfield City Council Member Chris Parlier is pushing to ban the sale of Spice or Bath Salts in the city of Bakersfield.

Spice or Bath salts are often packaged to appeal to adolescents.

Council member Parlier said that he would like to thank his committee colleagues for their support in recognizing the dangers of these synthetic drugs pose, that primarily target children with slick cartoon type packaging and names.  “Given the scourge that these chemicals produce to our youth, I think it’s important that we follow up and show that we as a city think it’s important to protect our kids from these foreign and unknown substances,” said Council member Chris Parlier to the Bakersfield Californian.  Council member Sullivan also related a story of the struggles one of her tenant’s has had with their seventeen year old, who had experimented with these designer drugs and had experienced adverse affects.