Like you, I am not greedy. I hope that I am ambitious like many of you reading this are. Also, I have to admit that sometimes the pressure of wanting to do well in this highly competitive environment can really get to a person, but be that as it may, this just goes to show that anxiety can be alleviated somewhat. This here exercise of mine is a typical example, and it really works, let me just tell you. Because while I am guiding you very briefly with just six online exercises on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram, I am letting off some of my own steam.

So, let me just fill you in on the six exercises then. Not only will you have to get used to the idea of regular posting, but you will also need to become accustomed to the habit of regular profiling. And these two regular exercises will be accompanied by regular and, who knows, maybe even exuberant use of hashtags. Getting used to blowing people’s minds away with your own creativity can take some getting used to but at the end of the day, it will, well, blow your mind away too. You will enjoy being richly rewarded. But first, as with all successful enterprises, the work.

Never mind that Instagram tends to focus on the visual, get used to the idea of always working with words. It is a way of life as far as I am concerned. Either you are with the program, or you are not. And if you are not, oh well, what a pity. What a pity we did not get that golden opportunity to meet up and chat. On Instagram, where else. Golden opportunity because you just never know where a first contact could lead to, even if you planned your Instagram work very well indeed. Fortunately, working with words is my way of life.

And that is important too. You really need to enjoy doing what you do in order to be self-assured of your long term success. And yes, you will always have your hard days. I look at it this way. When I am having such days, and believe me, there are quite a few, I try and treat my work with words as a hobby. A hobby I am really passionate about. You see then what happens. When you get carried away, you can easily get off the point. So, what was I saying then. Ah yes, talking about words and correlating it with Instagram’s visual stimulus.

Yes, you need to have clear captions attached to your bright and clear photos. And with time running out, let me just finish this off then. Your worded statements need to be persuasive and you need to imbue a positive tone throughout. And that is really quite important. It is also all in good keeping with the power of positive thinking. And of course, actions always speak louder than words. Is that really so? Wow.