Go to the internet on any given day, and with the appropriate search engine field search, you will come up with long lists of suggestions on how you could go about increasing your stakes on the Instagram platform. Perhaps for many new subscribers, this amount of reading and research could overwhelm them, perhaps even confuse them. This short note, therefore, delivers only the basics. It is just four basic tasks you could sink into to show you how to increase followers on Instagram.

The tasks to be elaborated on in this short note are as followers. Task one is to always write descriptive captions. Task two is for you to get into the habit of networking with leading influencers in your particular niche or field of interest. The third task is necessary. You need to continuously revisit your Edit Tags tabs. Finally, you need to have a look at your Instagram settings every once in a while.

The descriptive captions that you will be writing apply to the many photos you will be taking for your Instagram library. Some of them may be stored away for future use. Most of them will be published instantaneously but not until they have been properly edited for color compatibility and pixel tone. This takes into account the important matter of giving your viewers and future followers a perfect viewing platform, given that many of them will be utilizing a variety of platforms and devices. Description writing should come naturally to you.

See it as a form of storytelling. You are telling a story to encourage engagement to and with your posts. And you want to keep it positively attractive in the sense that your newly loyal followers will be encouraged to share your posts without any prompting from you. They will be submitting your posts to areas that would not normally have been within your immediate domain. And this is quite encouraging for you because this is more exposure to you. In the meantime, you will still be reaching out.

You are not going to hang around waiting for new followers to join your platform and start asking questions. It does not work like that in reality. You have to make the first moves. And you can catch their notice by piggybacking onto other platforms as a follower, taking part in the ongoing conversations. But I would advise against things inconsequential. Try and keep a professional attitude. Do not waste time. Do not waste other people’s time. You would not want them to be wasting your time on your platform now would you.

You have to work really hard on your editing of tags because if you neglect this necessary work, your platform and profile will become heavily cluttered with nonsense, things that make no sense to you and your followers and that are not relevant to your mutual causes. Finally, when you manually adjust your settings, you are in full control. Nothing or no one can enter your platform without your express approval.